Monday, March 10, 2014

my school realization

I go to a Waldorf High school, connected to a lower school which includes a kindergarden. Waldorf is a type of curriculum which doesn't teach kids based on test prep from a book. It is a place of constant creativity and imagination. Anyway, as I was walking to class, I saw the kindergardeners on their daily walk. It had been a little rainy, and the kids were dressed in their rain gear. I notice that the children were in the craziest and brightest colors; yellow rain boots with pink pants, a purple rain jacket with orange butterflies and a blue shirt peeking out under the jacket. These kids were wearing crazy mismatch patterns and uncomplimentary colors, and yet they were the cutest things. The fact that their outfit expressed their personality and youth, and they didn't care what people thought about their ensemble was adorable. They were confident in how they looked, and the confidence is one of the most attractive things to society; but once you hit a cirten age, society finds this kind of dressing ridiculous and weird. People are constantly put down because of what they wear in high school. If you wear things that don't follow the mainstream style, people talk behind your back and make fun of you. Society is quite confusing when it come to these unwritten guidelines, but appearance has become such a large part of our culture; those who look different are often shunned and treated as tho their ideas are wrong. This is our imprint that we leave for generations to come, this is how we want our future to be? I don't get it.

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